Monday, 14 February 2011

Once upon a time

Each february Playa Blanca, a beach club in the south of Lima, Peru, throws out the IT party of the summer season. The tickets are sold out within days from the release. A different theme under which the party is going to be designed and created is selected every year making it more exciting as costumes are mandatory for the lucky ones attending and everybody want to look at it's best. 
This years the party title is 'Once upon a time...' Im sure that the 3 super chic-cool 'Tias' responsible for it will, as always, transport us to a whole new world of fantasy where cats talk and smoke shisha, no birthday partys are celebrated and we end up lost in a labyrinth without exit. I'm so excited about it that although I won't be able to attend since I'm in London and missing school is not an option, I've decided to come up with the  idea for the costume I would wear if I was attending. There are no rules for what to wear but the general clothing code is the more visible skin the better. Without offenses is almost like dressing as a hooker but well it's at the beach were everybody is tanned, great bodies are seen around (mine is on its way, thank god is still winter at this side of the world) and the weather is hot so I guess the lack of fabric is understandable. And of course eveybody wants to win the no-existing costume competition.

So if I were going I would dress up as the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. The picture below is a 'mood board' I have done with looks from the SS11 runway shows that I think have somehting to do with the possible costume.

Anna Dello Russo giving a hint of Cheschire pink to her outfit (picture from

Louis Vuitton Spring '11 campaign - the purple lining of the dress combined with the sparkling pink fabric is so chic.

 For those lazy ones this is the most simple idea, get a t-shirt and print something on it.

 Enjoy the party!



  1. Flaqui BUENASO, lamentablemente ya mande a hacer mi disfraz!!

  2. de q te vas a disfrazar??? q pena no estar en la fiesta